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Sunday, April 2 |3:53 PM

Okayy, i'm sorry for the negative posts.
I'll TRY to post more positively eh.
But i won't guarantee. (Is that how i'm suppose to spell it?)
I'm supposed to do my dnt research.
But here i am.. wandering off to blog.
I was distracted by the internet. (:
I seriously think i should disconnect the network,
before i really wander off and forget about my work.

Bloghopping just now.
Then saw loads of people saying that they miss css.

Wells, I forgot to type that in my previous posts.
AHHHH, Zhiyang was the first campus superstar!
So happy, Realised that i like dean more now. (;
No idea why though. But css is over alr.
I admit i'm slow, it's one week ago.
I think i'm going to miss mondays.
Though i get to watch shaogong now.
But i think css is nicer? =/

After having guitar lesson just now.
LY sms-ed me asked me to help her with her dnt research.
Well, can't be bothered lah.
Why should i help you anyway?
You're always asking me for things.
Hahah, denise replied her for me!
Then she didn't reply back.
Bet she's angry now. =P
Shan't be bothered, she doesn't even help
me when i need the help! MUAHHAH.
I think i'm evil~
Maybe i really am.

*whisphers* I need to go badly.
It's almost time to slp.
And i'm not done.