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“ Shocking. ”
Monday, April 17 |4:54 PM

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This is what it has became of my table.
It's so freakkaye.
I have to look up to type.
My neck wasn't thatt longggg.
And I take exceptionally long time to type this out.
Cos` i can't see a single thing.
Plus, my neck is pain now.

Today was so shocking.
Ms tay told us ms loh borrowed her lesson.
And the whole class was growling.
is going to borrow ms tay's lesson?!
Pardon me. (; But it's a maybe, maybe not thing.

First period was english.
"Girls, take out a foolscap and seperate your tables"
Then I was like " Seperate tables? Seperate table?
And someone told me" THERE'S A TEST"
oh great great. Test?! I didn't even prepare!
Good luck. God bless. I pray that i didn't fail again.
If not i'll retain.

Test was okayy, i suppose.
But ok doesn't mean i'll pass. =.o
Whatever, Then i came back with more shock.
MS LOH was alr standing there talking.
I didn't want to walk in, but well.
It's a important lesson.
And she talked some things unrelated to lit.
That's bad, very bad.
When the test is on thurs!

Went out with esther on sat.
Well, she lost her hp in the shutter bus!
Yes, that's so saddening.
The last hp her dad would give her.
But she managed to find her hp on the bus.
After praying to god.
It's a miracle. So, unbelievable.
It's a super long story. No time to type it all out.
Hahah. xD Okay, then we went to arcade.
And looked around when Bena asked me if i wanted to go her church.
I agreed. Though i didn't know what am i supposed to do there.
Haha, saw them practising the songs!
It's so nice okayy.
Hahah, i sat near the drums. And my ears are bursting.

Ahhhh, i'm so scared for tml.
Art presentation! Haho and Joey's going up to present.
But will they do it correctly?
Will joey want to say? Will haho go up?
Ahhh, i hope so. God please help me. (:
Napfa's on wednesday. I meant 2.4km.
I wanted to practise running.
But it's raining.
And my mum asked me to do skipping.
But how will it help in my running?
(hmmm, it rhymes!)