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Saturday, April 1 |5:26 PM

Yay (x My first trip to pulau ubin.
A place full of granite.
Well, it was total fun.
With the exception of waking up early.

Waited and waited for SOME late people to come.
Then we took a bus to Changi.
Suddenly felt that i needed to crack my legs.
But just continued to walk. Thou it's uncomfortable.

Took the bump boat there.
Indeed it's bumpy.
We took the last boat [in our class]
We're the honoured ones.
Cos the whole class was waiting for us.
Then Liying did a "spilt" to be exact, she fell.
Awww, poor thing.
We rubbed insect repellant all over.
IN CASE get bitten by some mozzies.
But i think i apply TOO much.
*sniffs* No mozzies wanna bite me.
They hate me.... )=

We walked around and learnt new plants.
ALso, saw rocks, granites.
Some which looked like a human's face.
Reached the place where we had to plant our plants.
At first, thought it was tough.
Well, it is. But i had fun and also most importantly,
felt a great sense of achievement. (=

We dug holes and then put our plant in.
It's heavy, but worth it.
After that we're given some plants to smell.
On the censored road? (smt like that)
After all the work.
We're awarded with coconut drinks!
Well, bought it for $1.30, hahah.
Though i don't really like to drink.
Tasted weird, but still drank all.

It's a great experience there.
Back here, we went to macs to eat lunch.
Then cos i jay-walked, i got all my shoes muddy.
YUCKS! Full of mud. >.<
Regretted eating at macs, cos my home cooked delicious food.

Almost thought my granny's lost yesterday.
What a nice april fool joke eh.
She went down for like more than 1 hour!
I thought she got kipnapped or something.
And went to find her, luckily she was talking to someone.
PHEW, i thought she was lost. )=