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“ *whisphers* Not supposed to post.. ”
Sunday, April 2 |3:53 PM

I can't help it but to blog again! (;
I'm supposed to continue my DnT today.
But i just can't find what does it contain in
metal polish that polishes the metal. =.-
It's all in the tb but it's so little!
Bleahhz, i just feel that dnt is a core..
And i have tons of work piled up now.
Think ms kok would be uber angry seeing my folio lah.
The riveting process isn't even the one the school teaches.
And it's so chim, it's obvious i copied and pasted. (;

Wondered how's my aqmfs downloading coming along.
Hope it's done alr. I can't wait for the next chap.
No more campus superstar today. )=
I want to download CO! Sher minh, i'm waiting for you to send me~

I must go, if not i'll end up like yesterday.
Staying up late to finish the work. (;