Shiqi :D
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Tape Roll
Roll the tape

Pause it if you don't like it, lol.

Friday, May 19 |11:09 PM

Bored. And there's a BIG crocoach outside!!

I shall not be afraid. Just to sit here and wait for 5566.
I shall look at that crocroach and listen to 56..
Shhh, i shall not terror.
And wake everyone out.
Practicly, there's only my maid at home.
She's useless. (:
I shall be brave.
Ahhh, and yes.

I am still waiting for 5566.
3rd post today... BORED.

I don't think i'm doing a gd job in keeping the 7F board active.
It's so dead now. )= How how?
Dunno where to find 7F fans eh.

I just posted like 5 mins ago! Hahah.

I want to watch THE DAVINCI CODE
Serious, i wanted to sneak in.
Mum said i was SIAO.
Okay, i really wanna watch it!