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Saturday, May 13 |7:00 PM

I am...
tired, stressed (self stress thou), depressed, frusrated and bored.
Mixed with emotions, i guess.

I shall blog about yesterday.
I was out for more than 12 hrs.
0830 - 2445
Hawhaw, it's a long long happy day yesterday.
Went to tuition early in e morn.
Didn't do anything.
Slacked there till 1045 n decided to leave.
Me and denise went to meet esther at eunos.
Reached earlier, esther told us to meet her in the train.
Waited and waited.
Train came.
We were standing at the door
where esther is nearest at!
Coincidence. ((: Or is it teletaphy?
Wrong spelling. ^^
Decided to watch Poseidon.
At cinieleisure.
Denise decided to pierce second hole.
She tried to persuade me to pierce too.
Cos cheaper, but she failed.
:D Didn't pierce thou i wanted.
Hello~ My cca teacher is ms gan you know!
Still want me to pierce.
So envy...
Anw, we went to BK to eat lunch.
Bought our meals then realised that
e show was starting!!
We took plastic bags and threw
all the food, french fries in..


And ran up to the cinema.
Drank all the coke or pepsi.
First to finish. Damn bloated.
Esther didn't finish it :P
But still managed to smugle it in.
Pffst. Heheh. The show just started.
Had lunch in the cinema.
WE ate french fries as if it was popcorn.
I personally recomend it.
After that we went to Heeren.
Then taka. And wisma atrium.
Then we went to cash studio!
Heheh, actually no rooms de.
We waited and waited.
Esther went off damn early. )=
After that i met my mum at Raffles.
Watched POSEIDON again.
Hahah, i don't believe it.
I watched the same show 2 times.
In the same day. (:
Waste money lah. But nice.
Ah, still haven't uploaded pics.
I haven't used Singlish yet.
That's weird LOR.