Shiqi :D
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Tape Roll
Roll the tape

Pause it if you don't like it, lol.

Friday, May 19 |11:46 PM

So sickening. =P
The web cam isn't working.
Or is it i must have a web cam to watch too?
Nevermind. Can hear the voice can le.
Can't see them. Only the 933 thing..
Renfu sounds very sad.
And they are going to interact with us.
I got no voice. Ahhh.
Renfu really sounds haggard.
Not very active now.
And Mengzhe haven't graduate.
Okok. and the DJ was like " Let 5566 to recommend some nice food"
Renfu would normally reply.
Or rather Xiezhi and Mengzhe would reply too.
They seemed tired.
Ok, me too. Will have eyerings when i see them tml.
So tired. I wanna sleep!
I feel like vomiting.
And i feel unwell.
I hope i don't faint tml.
I almost fainted the last time.
Despite my big fat body. =.-
Okay.. Let's continue..
Hmmm, i must try Wen Dong Ji's chicken rice!
But where is it? Hahah, want is You Ji Mian??
And yes, renfu is very slow eh.
Like pple say finish alr. Then he reply 10 mins later.
Didn't really hear his voice. I meant the active type.
He also said tml they won't sing.
They'll interact more with fans. (:
OH MY, then now xiezhi is talking about eating SPIDER!
Yuck. the hairy kind, oh my god.
Oh my god, they ate an animals eyes.
So disgusting, oh my god.

okay, songs now.
mum's gonna come back soon.
got to go.