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“ Rainie's auto session ”
Tuesday, June 6 |9:37 PM

Went to rainie's auto session last sunday!
Her birthday. xD
I reached there J8 in the morning.
Met up with regina and went to queue up.
Heheh, i never knew that we had to queue outside
until regina told me every a/s also queue here.
Lols, i everything also don't know.
Wahahah, quite in front eh.
Not alot people at that time.
Saw Jingyan and Limei too.
Saw some familiar GONG ZHUO REN YUAN TOO.
I think i saw them at ermm S.H.E a/s?
I not sure lah.
But super familiar de.
We went in at about 12plus?
Lynn saw me. =.-
I went to throw my drink.
I almost went out of the queue!
Gosh, that was rather bad lah.
But still caught up with the queue.
Everyone was like looking at us when we went in.
So paiseh lor, then i kept covering my face.
Hahah, hope no one saw me. xD
Rainie came out at about 1 plus for 933 event.
And went in later again for some interview and lunch.
Hahah, then she came out at 3plus again.
She signed and blah blah blah...
I was at the first row!
First time i at the first row.
After that waited for her to come out.
Waited at the van there...
Had a happy happy day! xD