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“ *YAWNS* ”
Monday, June 12 |12:47 AM

I'm still awake, hahah.
I've got nothing better to do. =l
I think i shall blog bout the pass few days. xD

I accompanied my mum to paragon.
Then went to taka for crystal jades.
"Hey, there's no tution"
Quoted from denise.
Hahah, i rejoiced upon receiving the msg.
Lol, then decided to go play pool.
Shopped for some clothes then changed decision.
We went kbox at cinieleisure.
Hahah, sang till 9pm.
Then we caught SHE'S THE MAN at 9:20pm.
It's my second time watching it. xD
Watched with esther on 666.
She's the man rocks! Hahah.
I love the guy inside.
Sebastian's room-mate.
Duke! Hahah, tatum channing isit? :
Lol, i forgot. xD
It ended at 11:10pm.
Ate long john's silver then watched THE OMEN at 11:50pm.
Hahaha, movie marathon. xD

I think i'm gonna link the j-stars later. xD
I mean tmr morning.
BAHHHH, i've not started my hols hw.
Die already...