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Thursday, July 27 |7:59 PM

Finally able to have some time to blog, since i'm doing art research.
Urghhh, art can kill.
That would be a norm if you're in mrs ow's class.
I'm busy this week so i have lesser time to blog.
Been going to macs to study recently.
I'm such a good girl. XD
Finally changed my comp theme.
It sucks, but who cares?
It's a new thing. =D
I just forgot what i want to blog.
Oh well, i shall do an impromtu.
You know what?
I just realised that next week is common test.
And i'm still here taking my sweet time typing.
Haven't studied, i think i'm gonna deprove alot.
Considering i don't understand a single thing about
Chemistry, chinese, literature, history...
Anyone catches singapore idol?
Not a fan, but i watch. =D
Chloe said that NURUL was from my school.
Paya lebar methodist girls' school [sec]
Ohmg, chloe said that she was the president of ELDDS.
I can't believe that.
Since she's from my school, i shall support her, blindly.
Guess what?
Ms Hazelin features renfu and mengzhe in her ppt during history.
I wasn't too sure. But i know i can't cannot recognise renfu.
Lol, so i conclude i saw renfu on ms hazelin's ppt.
It goes like that... We were learning about comparisions.
The last time she showed Singapore Idol- Taufik and Sly.
And i saw Renfu and Mengzhe in her slides.
[It's still the 'latest' concert one!]
not too long, just for a second.
Wasn't really paying attention, i was looking at the table when i saw something familar.
When i looked up, it just flashed for 2 secs.
No big reactions from anyone thou, not even vivien.
She wasn't even listening.
Oh, and i think no one remembers mengzhe's birthday.
Nevermind, i typed that already.
I'm lame. XD
Ohmg, renfu's pic in j-star mag this month rocks.
I want to get one copy! =D
Heheh, i'm so practical.
And i have big walk this saturday.
Ohoh, and i'm soo happy that the 7F board is alive now.
Heheh, not that it's not alive in the past but at least
there's still pple talking when i'm not there.
I got to go already.
I have to watch singapore idol. =.-
And do my art!