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“ I am depressed ”
Saturday, July 15 |9:40 PM

I am finally able to use the com!
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Anyone missed me since i didn't blog for so long?
No one missed me =.-

I'm feeling depressed now.
My pencil case is spoilt.
The zipper is spoilt.
And i don't have a proper pencil case.
I can't find any i like yet.
I feel so depress cos i've got sooo many hwk not done.
I'm just so depressed.
Obviously i don't show it on my face like PIAK I AM DEPRESSED
Trying to hide what i feel everytime.
Showing that i'm happy but i'm actually not.
And there is no one for me to talk to.

My best frens are just so busy.
Esther - XIA MANG.
Denise - Badminton.
And the time we have together is so little.
How would you expect me to throw out what i think in 1 hr?!
Plus, we're not supposed to talk OPENLY in the 1 hr, it's guitar lessons.
My mum is also depressed, don't ask me why.

I am depressed because...
I don't know what's my goal in life!
I am streaming this year.
I have camp next week and i hate it.
I'm just depressed for ulitimate reasons i can't explain.
I am depressed because I AM NOT un-depressed.
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I know people reading this would want to kill me.
Cause it is lame.

I am so lazy to photoshop now.
i went crazy over that =.- emotion.

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