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Saturday, July 22 |6:16 PM


Much much earlier then the rest of the interactors.
Wohoooo~ but I'm kinda sad.
Cos i can't perform INCOMPLETE. *do that action*
The rest break camp at 8:30 pm while i go back home at 4:30.
Wahahahha. Actually... my mum faked a letter!
She wrote that WE need to go for wedding dinner so can't stay so late.
But i wanna perform INCOMPLETE
I've not performed it. *growls*
Hmmmm, we left school at 3:30pm i guess.
We headed to the chalet- Changi aloha 3.
Ms Gan the BOD reached alr.
The place was remote, and it's near pulau ubin i guess.
All the bump boats around.
The place was ENORMOUS, it's a bungalow.
And it's 3 times bigger than the previous years.
I was in the same group as sherminh. XD
Played bonding game.
Namely- BANGBANG, SPEED KNOWING EACH OTHER, (the rubber band, toothpick thingy. Use your mouth that one) and (find the longan in the sticky floury blacky stuff, ewww).
After dinner we still played games.
We played with fire =D Hahah burning the rafia strings and stuffs.
And the trail walk, body parts and paperfold. =D
Trail walk suppose to blind fold yourself de, but no one bought blindfold.
Lol, then we had to close eyes, hold hand and walk.
Then the people will guide you.
They said there's hills and 3m drain.
Well, i didn't completely close my eyes so i could see that they were just saying.
Hahahh, i holded hands with sherminh and liying.
Talking about liying, she's been sticking to sherminh and me during the camp.
But who cares lah.
We bathed, had debrief ans was supposed to sleep.
Our group took the one and only radio.
And we listened to slp.
The floor was super hard and i was sleeping in infront of the room that links to the toilet!
So whenever people go toilet i'll wake up.
Tried to sms at the night, but the keypads were too noisy and it was too bright.
LY woke up at 5plus to go to the toilet.
Next maha then Karishma and nicolette.
The kiasu-s =D
Woke up at 6 plus.
Dispite people walking in and out of the toilet. =.-
Lol, the room had aircon and it was super cold.
We had sandwich for breakfast.
Then installation and sec 4 farewell. =D
I think i like this camp.
Hahah, i love my grp members.

Sherminh - Good friend
Debra - the person kept brainwashing us with the incomplete sign
Joanna - Nice girl
Brenda - You are so cute!
Maha - assistant leader.
Veronica - leader
Karishma - the one who cheorographed the incomplete sign. =D
Nicolette - Kinda quiet, but still nice.
Liying - Sorry, but no comments on you.

I don't know what i want to type anymore.
I just so regret that i didn't perform INCOMPLETE!