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Sunday, July 23 |3:06 PM

"Sick of pretending
Tired of looking back"

I'm bored even though there's alot of hwk waiting for me.
There's napfa retest tmr.
I'm afraid i'll fail again.
I found that pic over the top and felt like making a avatar. =D
The past week was full of test.
Maths, english compo, literature and history.
All of them are okay,
but lit test sucked.
'Cos ms loh went according to her watch, without telling us.
There was actually 10mins left (on the clock)
But only 5 mins left on ms loh's watch.
Like what the.. i didn't finish my piece and was sooo short.
Handwriting was messy and blah blah.
And the culprit of the clock is...
She adjust the clock just to make it ring at the right time.
It's over so i don't want to talk much about that.
It only brings me sadness and anger.
Now, my mum can't get back the company.
All thanks to HIM LUH.
Sold all the projects and now it's all an empty shell.
How am i suppose to survive huh?
Now, i'll show a black and chao ta face to you whenever i see you.
Forced to see, that is.
You don't even care.
Oh, and if any comes arcoss ALADIN COMPANY or something.
Ignore it, don't sign any contract or whatever.
That's his company. *grrrr*
Life will never to the same anymore.
I'm officially broke, yes.
Three words for you.
I think i heard a radio news of shanwei on thurs morn.
Well, it's rather sad.
He left wanyu and went to host a new show and it didn't resulted good.
I wonder how is he feeling right now.
I want to change my blogskin!
But... to who? I've got absolutely no idea.
I need ideas... Tell me who to feature in my blog someone. =)