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“ lines lines lines. > it's finally okay! ”
Sunday, August 6 |3:18 PM

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Look at my fregging computer.
So corrupted, my windowblinds thing all gone le.
Then got all these kinda scanlines.
That's not the worst okay.
I'll screenshot the worst one if i see it again. >_<
And i'm living through that! )=
It was uber great.
Although we were late lah.
But we didn't miss any of the groups performing.
We only missed that WORLD CLASS CELLOIST.
Took cab to singapore conference hall.
Saw ms hazelin first.
She was so black. Her top, skirt and shoes are black!
Then saw weikee at the infomation counter.
Had to wait until the performance was over then we can go in.
We were like walking up finding for our seats then the numerbing was gone.
Standing there still looking for our seats then saw esther's mum and aunt.
Sat with them, since they offered. (=
First was handbell and i can't remember the order for the rest.
Had a 20mins break.
Esther came up to say hello! And talked for awhile.
After that it was the band.
Can't spot esther though was rather blur.
After band it was the guzheng? =/
I liked the band and guzheng performance.
Totally rocked.
Everyone screamed and cheered for the guzheng.
And we sang the amazing grace and school song together.
Met sherminh for awhile.
She wanted to return my money.
Returned only $30 though.
She wore skirt and boots!
Look weird on her lah.
She was with her god bro anyway.
Walked out of singapore conference hall.
And i saw DA CHANG JIN!
Well oh well. I thought we were at marina south.
The signboard and my intuition says so.
Because we always pass by DA CHANG JIN when we were going marina south.
Then i suggested to play POOL!
Hahah, walked and realized that it wasn't the marina south that i played pool at.
Called up guitar teacher and vivien asked if we could change guitar timing.
Ended up cancelling it.
Well, so we went to play pool.
You won. TWO TO ONE. )=
Arghh, i don't want type out things that happened after that.
Maybe i should.
Watched movie with my mum.
Late and we changed the timing.
It was at 12am. Went home late.
I can't stand it anymore.
I'm not typing furthur. I can't even see what i'm typing.
So forgive me if some words are like wrong?
I can't see properly!