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“ photoshopy crazeeeeee. ”
Saturday, August 26 |2:31 PM

Hawty pawnty. ;D
My computer is back to normal again.
It would be back with scan lines soon, i believe.
I can't hear any music from the net anymore.
Kinda addicted with that Jolin and David Tao's song.
I don't remember the title somehow.
BAHHHHH~ I knew that bad renfu news like on thurs.
When i wanted to do my papercut and needed some newspapers.
Grrrrs, WHY?! WHY WHY?
But whatever it is, it'll support renfu. ;D
Even Friday Weekly have that news.
Well oh well, I shan't say anything thing.
I changed my sitting partner again.
Mr go said that the class is too noisy. =.-
The classes below us complained.
How would he know it's our class?
It may be D2 or C2 what.
Why us huh?
But, i'm happy with my partner.
No sabrina, but Joey!
At least i can concentrate?
Sabrina is far too noisy for me.
Sher minh's sitting infront of me!
I've got two more As.
Well, or at least one if D&T is counted for next term.
Had an A2 for Chemistry!
So unbelievable, I didn't understand a thing, that is.
Hawthawts, got the second highest for D&T.
Wohoooo, heheh. It's open book test you see.
I went photoshop crazyyy.
You know... 28th August.

Nevermind me, if you don't understand.
Mike He is also coming to singapore on MONDAY!
Ohmg, I wanna go.
But, it's a monday, i can't.
Nurul is out.
:|< size="2">Joakim really can't sing.
Kill me everyone who goes gaga over joakim.
Nevermind me.
I have a new target now, HADY!
Hahah, because the malay song he sang was so nice.
That I got a attracted by his voice now.
Paul sang CUN ZAI.
I was like ohmg-ing all the way till he sang the whole song.