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Wednesday, August 30 |6:31 PM

Yo people!
It's raining it's pouring outside my house.
And it looks so dark.
He blogged.
I haven't read the full post.
Okay, the main points is
You can read no other words.
But you must read what he blogged.
Ohmg, I'm getting lamer and lamer nowadays.
I'm not happy with my marks.
But yeah, average only.
The fact that i got 4 As didn't comfort me at all.
I did soooo much for my art.
The research, brainstorming, layouts, initial sketches
and stayed up till 4am.
Yet i only got a 86 plus.
Didn't expected an A for Chemistry.
Because i hate the teacher and she hates me.
For one simple reason, because i'm sitting next to sabrina.
And she keeps picking on sabrina, thus affecting my mood.
As i do not feel happy about her picking up on sabrina.
I didn't get my target for my Georgraphy, although i got an A1.

I've to thank three major person for my As. :)
God, for giving all the determination for working hard.
Mr Cheung, my maths tutor. Well, the $200 fees are really worth it!
Although you give lots of work, but thank you!
Vivien, my chemistry tutor. Did you see this!
Thank you alot friend!
You taught me chemistry when i didn't know a single thing one day before the test.
I didn't understand a single for Chemistry until you taught me. :

But i dropped.
Hmmm, few marks only.
But it still makes a difference.
I got 77 for mathematics, and i'm quite happy.
Because i failed first term, just passed in second term,
and got an A for this term.
Because i failed one subject terribly.
Yes, terribly.
Dissapointed with my history marks.
I dropped totally okay.
Full whole 40 marks.
From 88 to 48 .
Eight isn't the auspicious number to me anymore.
I thought i would pass my realiability and comparison qns.
But i didn't. )=
I feel so depressed.
But i'm okay with my average.
Oh oh oh! And my L1R5 is 14!
With my wrong maths marks [which is much lower]
So that means my L1R5 can be 11!
Yayeee, and L1R4 is 11, with wrong maths marks also.
That's the only happy part.
Had phototaking today.
Well, we were soooo lame okay.
We were the o n l y class which brought the class banner down.
And we did this "2" "C" "1" sign.
Which is "peace" "C" and "one".
You get what i mean don't you.
Hahah, i did the C one. =D
Then had interact phototaking.
GB lah! So many people.
Somemore their timeslot is 3:30 ours is 3:10
They cut our queue.
We waited 45 mins for them.
Gb had soooo many people that the risers weren't enough for them.
And what, we waited for 45 mins for them.
So we took ours at 4plus.
Had soooo many books to bring home.
All thanks to sabrina, SHERMINH and vivien.