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Thursday, August 24 |6:53 PM


Life is just like a rushing train,
always rushing for things that you don't even need.
Well oh well, that is the defination of life.
Isn't it? =X
I don't know if you agree, but i do.
Hmmmm, this is titled rush hour not because of the above reason lah.
LOL, it's because of my computer.
It's been shutting down every 15 mins.
And the worst thing is that, when i restart it,
the lines and stuffs appear.
I'll have to wait for 2 to 3 hours then the thing will be gone.
And so, i'll have to rush out all my typing and stuffs before 15 mins is up.
So sickening okay?
Now that this 15 min thing is settled.
My computers Internet connection is... UNAVAILABLE!
I'm like typing this in notepad now, because i just wanna blog.
Trying to deceive myself that i still have internet.
Uncle ______ says its the problem with starhub,
why? why? why?
Why is starhub always doing this to me?
I want my internet connection back.
Someone in my area just bought a new karaoke machine.
WOW, and i have to tolerate the "melodious" music.
Free music everyday.
Are you envious?

Terrible teachers - Part I

Pearlyn failed her maths, so she went out of the class to cry.
When she came in, i just took A GLANCE at her.
To see if she was okay.
Then Ms Loh Tai Lee was staring at me.

LTL: *staring at me* Why? *puts her hand on her head* Why must you look at her?
Like you never see pearlyn before? Why?
Especially that group of you over there *points to my direction*
You see that girl *points to me*
Sheekee [she can't even read my name!]
You were looking at her right?

I obviously nodded my head, if not i'll be killed for lying. =.-

LTL: See? She's not innocent anymore. She's not innocent anymore.
*puts her hand on her head* Please, concentrate here.
Hello everyone, SHIQI is not innocent for looking at pearlyn.
I don't know what LTL is thinking luh.
Just by looking at pearlyn, i'm called not- innocent.
Hmmmm, it's like more of not paying attention.

Slacky teachers - Part I

Ms Kok, my D&T teacher taught and went through
everthing already, so we could slack.
Then Christina came up with questions about the new school.

Christina: Ms Kok, do you know anything about the new school?
Ms Kok: Yah.
Christina: How is it?! Are we going back next year?
Ms Kok: Obviously, other schools are coming to this holding school,
so we'll still shift back no matter what.
Christina: Oh yes! But they do very slow leh.
Ms Kok: There will be a Netball, Basketball court, Tennis court and Gym.
Christina: Oh my god, so cool leh.
Ms Kok: What do you think? Still got Auditorium.
Christina: So cool. Then the classrooms leh? I see the windows like very big leh.
Ms Kok: Oh, you all won't have your own classrooms.
Whole of the class: WHY?!
Ms Kok: *smiling to herself* Because the system change already.
It's the module system.
Whole class: Huh?!
Ms Kok: Each teacher will have their own class lah.
It's like it's whose lesson then go which teachers class.
So you all will do the walking.
Whole class: Huh~
Christina: Did you suggest this idea.
[Cos, Ms Kok always fall down whenever she walks from that building to this building]
Ms Kok: Oh, no... Why?
Christina: Because you always fall down and come late mah.
Ms Kok: Hehehehehe. *starts laughing*
Christina & Richa: Oh, ms kok! Then no more classroom duty!
Christina & Richa: Oh yes yes yes! *Gimme five* [Self-highness]
Richa: Ms kok, then the teachers will do the duty! Hahahahha.
Ms Kok: Do you think this is possible? Hehehehe.
Sabrina: Wait, that means... cannot put books in school?!
Ms Kok: No lah, everyone will have a locker.
Sabrina: Oh my god! This is so cool.
Christina wrote on that on the board : <3>What less than 3? You think i don't know ah? I'm a maths teacher.
Christina: Hahah, No. It's like that * draws it verticaly.
Ms Kok: Oh~~ Hahahehe.
Christian: My brother say 2less than 3. so lame