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“ Shoppingggg spreee... ”
Sunday, August 20 |8:40 PM

Went to far east with denise to shop today.
Bought shorts and a shirt.
But i seriously think the shirt doesn't suit me.
The sales lady keep asking me and her to buy.
*growls* Now i can't buy my bag because of the shirt.
But i think the shirt is nice.
I'm gonna slim down first before i wear that.
If not there would be this stomach over there.
I'm going to start my JIAN FEI JI HUA.
I going to run in the park every monday and wednesday.
Tuesday and Thurday I'll have netball.
And friday left for tuition.
I hope i can really have the determination to slim down.
I wanna buy a bag, because i think my bag sucks.
It's too old and wordy.
Lols, i only ate one meal today.
Which is Bee Hoon.
I'll be starving for recess tmr because my school is going
So lame luh, they wanna catch up with technology.
So we'll pay out food by EZ-LINK.
And if we use EZ-LINK, i'm gonna die.
Because _________ is going to borrow money from me AGAIN.
I'll be broke soon.
My computer has 156 treats !
What the hell lah.
I'm soon gonna go into vulgarities.
And uncle ____ doesn't have time to reformat it.
It pisses me off really.
I was trying to finish this graphic request [the lucify wallpaper]
When i was ALMOST finishing.
My whole photoshop shut down.
Well, then i opened ps and re-did it.
After 10 mins ps shut-ed down again.
And now, my computer is back to scan lines.
I can't see anything so how am i going to photoshop?
So i'm with this BASIC COMPUTER.
I ended up deleting my post in the graphics request.
I'm so sorry.
I now only can watch Tokyo Juliet from Youtube.
Which loads freaking slowly.
Term 2's art piece.
Which gave my an A1. ;D
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What's inside?


A shoe!

You know what?
I now can't upload the pic in imageshack.
I'll show you guys the pic maybe in some other post.