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“ Tests are finally over. ”
Saturday, August 19 |12:18 PM

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"Maybe there is a beauty in goodbye"
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Look what people did.
It's supposed to be adventure park.


Hello earthlings.
I finally declare that the COMMON TESTS ARE OVER.
Wohoooo. One more term till school ends!
I feel so free suddenly.
Good news. I've got 3 A1s already.
Maths, Geography and art!

Math- 77
Geography- 76
Art- 85

I feel so high.
But i dropped in geography.
Haven't got back the rest of my results.
But so far still happy.
Well oh well, i lost 2 kgs but i gained 2 kgs again.
Grrrrr, so i'm still the same weight.
Weather has been hot recently.
And my pimples are popping out!
Arghhhh, i sweat even when sitting down in class.
I hate my seat, but i like my partner.
I feel that i'm such a bad renfu or 5566 fan.
I don't even know that they came last week.
Though only passed by singapore.
But still, i don't know.
I might be like crazy over them but i don't buy every single merchandise.
Moreover, the last 56 item i bought is like the concert vcd.
I don't even by jie bao now.
Because my financial is tight.
My piggy bank is with my mum, [she took it! ]
and i don't want to look like i'm asking her for money.
Considering that we're kinda poor already.
I feel so lousy. >_< - I wanna go shoppinggg. I want a new bag. I want that top. I want that jeans. But i can't. *sobs* - 5566club linked 5566jstar. Ohmg, that's so cool. Then maybe more members will join. Wohoooo~ =D
Singapore Idol
Well, i have lots to say about singapore idol.
I never knew they would invite singers like WILBER PAN.
Because they are taiwanese and singapore idol is more to the english side.
Hahah, got a shock when i saw PAN WEI BO.
Oh and lan po lao shi.
So damn funny.
He was like holding the mic and he was SINGING?!
Wonder if it's like real lah, so funny.
If he was really singing that means he was also recording the album.
I'm so mean. ;P
Oh, and i remember Gurmit keep telling the people to vote carefully.
Something like that.
I think they knew the results already when he said that lah.
I so seriously think matilda is the only one that can sing.
Although i'm not a BIG BIG FAN nor A SMALL FAN OF HERS.
But still, she has the best vocals.
I seriously think Joakim should be the one out.
I'm sorry to any joakim fans.
But i think he can't sing, he only has the cute factor.
I think Hady somehow looks like a policeman.

That's all for now. =D