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Saturday, September 2 |4:12 PM

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Awwwww, qiaoqiao.
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Mengzhe. :)
Don't worry, the shaowei and xiezhi one will be out soon. (?)
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Renfu wallpaper for loveknots56.
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Sweety. :)

Had been into photoshop alot recently.

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Oh, and msn-ed with MRS TNG and VIVIEN just now.
That's the convo, not all though.
Yeah, i miss you MRS TNG.
She plays maple i guess.
Her dp was the mushroom,
it's not there anymore, cos i screenshot it after she went out of convo.

You know... the Qian Li Zhi Wai song by Jay and Fei Yu Qing?
I seriously do think that Fei Yu Qing so don't suit this song.
And both of their voices don't match at all.
But it's nice lah.
Oh yes, Joakim got out of Singapore Idol.
Awwww, i feel so mean.
*sighs* I admit that he improved abit,
but still i think he's the _______ in Singapore Idol.

Oh yes yes! Mrs Goh is on newspapers today.
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YAYEEEE & congrats.
Hey! Does 'untuned' sound ok to anyone here?
I feel like changing my email to
Anymore great suggestions?
Tagboard's so dead. *hints*