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Tuesday, September 5 |9:23 PM

I just got cheated on my feelings!
The television cheated me.
lol, i just didn't see the time correctly.
So i waited and waited for 10mins but the news is still up.
I couldn't take it anymore so i came here to check out the timing.
It's TEN PM! Silly me,
I think the show is nice,
;D Sweet loving show?
The website tells me so, hehe.
I like the melody played on the web, extremely nice.
So today's tuition was cancelled as usual.
Pushed back to sunday morning, but i lied to her.
I knew mum didn't want to wake up that early,
so i told her my mum wasn't free, can your mum fetch me?
Her reply was: Ah? My mum also not free leh.
Ended up pushing back the tuition to thursday.
I feel so bad, sorry.
I think someone checked on my sms last tuesday.
I was deleting some of my old msgs and saw this msg from geral jie.
Mmmmm, seriously i don't recall myself opening that msg.
Something i wrong somewhere.
Sorry for not replying you, )=
Realised that i've not changed my skin?
I can't bear to tear it down,
cause i think it's better than the previous stripey one.
I've got my recorder back, so i watched those videos i recorded at the starting of the year.
I suddenly realise that time really flies,
just like that nine months has passed.
And from shanwei & renfu to now,
JR & Mengzhe.
Though i don't like shanwei, but i still miss those days where both of them were hosting.
Alot of things changed, friendships and even things going around in my house.
Sorry for the emo stuffs up there,
the song i'm listening to somehow makes me feel emo.
I think i'm going to give up watching wanyu for MARRY ME!
It seems nice, really.
I'll be back after the show to blog more. :)
Hii again, i'm back after the show!
Hmmmm, he jun xiang acted as a girl in the show,
The funny part is when he was the guy and also the girl!
And 'they' were couples!
So funny, hahah.
Well, i think the show is okay just yet.
It's just the starting so the exciting part has yet to come. (i think)
I only didn't like the background, is that what you call it?
I mean the colours, aiyah, you get what i mean?
=X The setting is rather dark.
Oh and i don't like the sound thing, =X
i can hear all the background sounds, so i can't hear the main talking clearly.
I do prefer sanlih's quality though ;D
The lightings and the sounds.
You can hear the person talking clearly without those insects.
I shan't be picky :)
I can't wait for next episode, it looks exciting!

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