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“ Monday, september the fourth. ”
Monday, September 4 |5:03 PM

Time may change me
But i can't change time
Hmmmm, made a few changes with my blog.
So now you'll see pink pink pink!
Have not been touching on photoshop,
which is good.
Photoshop kills most of the time on the computer.
I finally watched episode eight of wei xiao pasta,
despite all the virus thingy on my computer.
Youtube used to load super fast on my mum's account,
but it's not loading anymore.
So i tried all the accounts, hacked into one,
the one i'm using now. :)
Which is kinda new, no one touched it.
It's loading in youtube, but it's still slow,
compared to my mum's account.
The mum's practically don't even need to wait for it to load.
You just click the link and you'll watch the video without it stopping.
Great yeh? But it's not anymore.
Caught lovewrecked with my mother and uncle _____ yesterday at suntec.
Ohmg, the guy named Ryan in the show is soooo cute!
His real name is Jonathan Bennett.
He's soooo cute, and that's temporary.
But the story plot is rather boring,
hmmmmm if it can happen on me and renfu.
Impossible lah, i won't have soo much money to buy all those stuffs too.
I just realised something quite peculiar.
You know when I'm not blogging,
I seem to have a lot of things I want to blog about
but when I'm actually blogging,
I run out of things to blog about which is extremely vexing because
I'll have to think & think & think of what to blog about.
Hey, the popups are still sticking to my blog despite all the changes.
Something must be wrong with my codes.
It's CYNDI WANG'S BIRTHDAY tmr i suppose.
But no birthday posters this time,
I CAN'T TOUCH (don't want to) PHOTOSHOP,
for the time being.
Ohoh, and the show He Jun Xiang is acting in - Jia Gei Wo ba (something about marriage)
will be telecast tmr!
Wheeepeeee~ Now i have seven and nine o'clock shows to watch.
Not that bored anymore!
Hiii, back again.
Sher msn-ed me and told me Steve Irwin passed away.
If you're a fan of his type (tu) no spacing infront of your msn nick.
And this green thingy will appear.

omgzZz, it's 5:10 pm already.
I've got to go.