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“ Tuesday, fifth of september. ”
Tuesday, September 5 |1:10 AM

Bye bye popups.
Now, i took ONE HOUR to find out what's the problem.
And it's.... the hostscripts that i put in my blog.
You realised that thing over <<<< style="font-weight: bold;">PURRRRFECT.
Because of this perfection thing,
i've re-did enough, i don't want to care a single thing about it anymore.
I'll just cut and finish it.
Once and for all.
Have i mentioned that i'm going to get new specs?
Oh it's soooo coool,
i personally think it looks like shades.
The one i tried has colours okay,
but school doesn't allow, so it'll be transparent.
Collecting it on wednesday, i can't wait!
Oh yeah, my recorder is back after soooo longgg.
I missed you recorder.
Recorder. Not the musical instrument, the one that records shows.
THANK YOU for fixing it back for me.
I'm not going to miss any of my shows due to tuition already!
I think i'm happy for the day yesterday.
I've practised maths and did notes on history.
History will kill me sooner or later, seriously.
Not literary you know that.
As in spiritually? mmmmmm .
I really wonder why anyone would like or want to learn history.
Moreover, why should we dwell on the past?
What's over is over, why are we learning it again?!

  • As singaporeans we need to know our history, so you'll know how to answer any foreigner who asks you anything about singapore's history & wouldn't NOT give "face" to our country
  • To educate students like me about the past
  • To know our forefathers?

  • I can't think of any better reasons.
    We learnt it in last year, but i don't wish to recall. :)
    I still think Jonathan Bennett is cute.
    That name will not appear here for long.
    It'll disappear after few days, like POOF!
    It's cyndi's birthday today right?
    I'm out of titles already.
    Hahah, so it's titled - Tuesday, 5th of september.