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Tape Roll
Roll the tape

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Friday, October 20 |8:19 PM

Call him Daddy Zax.

Ohmgz, refer to today's Straits Time, life section.
What the hell are they trying to infer?
They took the news from AppleDaily.
And how reliable can AppleDaily be?
Tsktsk, nevermind.
Whatever it is... I'll support RENFU!

supposedly yesterday's post. :)

The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover. Tag 4 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their page saying they've been tagged. So here it goes..

1. Must love me.
2. He can't be a flirt. :D
3. Treats me like a princess
4. Caring
5. Sweet, loving...
6. Humourous [ I'm a stoney person]
7. Can read my mind
8. Can't be someone who only cares about himself.

Other four victims

1. Him.
2. Her.
3. You.
4. Anyone else .

On the way to Denise house..
Vanity. :))

Mirror image.

Bused on 854.

Wanna have a puff?
Ate at macs, with my beautiful finger.

Same earrings.
Crazed at NTUC. :) Denise the evil.

Versus Shiqi the mighty old woman. HAHAH.

Devil Vs Devil

She looks nice, but she's not. shhhh.

I look evil but i'm not. 0; I'm fat.

It's illegal. :))


it's during lesson time.

Founders day.

Neos with bestie.

Two weeks ago. [With mum]

Start of Secondary one. xD
Hmmms, i've changed alot uh?
It's not ending. More to go. XD
Be back later. :D