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“ Changed my skin...*EDIT* ”
Monday, October 30 |4:17 PM

Awwww, i'll miss that old, dirty place..
Those old, small squeezy classrooms,
wires and whatever taggling all over in the computer lab,
bird shits on the canteen tables & chairs,
birds normally fly into your classroom,
flies, worms whatever insects at the field...
Ohoh, classrooms are sooo small that teachers like mrs c_____
couldn't sqeeze through tables.
It's so small that the back door can't be opened because there're chairs & tables there.
It's so small that you can cheat during test... the tables are abt 20cms away...

The hall is so small that we have to expirence global warming every monday.
So small that the teachers had to sit outside the hall... =.=

Ah yes, that was how we went through two years in PL kadesh.
And in 2007... we'll be going back!

Oh hello hello. :D
for what??


Wohooos, hehe... My previous skin is 2 months and 2 days old.
That is sooo old lah. Plus it's "HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENFU!"
Nice skin yeah?
Lols, I'm too lazy to make one for myself.
Since i'm busy with my graphic blog...
It's almost done!
Finish hosting all the pictures le!
Princess hours is rocking my life awayyyyyy.....
Went out of control yesterday, so i watched it on youtube.
It's a silent movaye...(movie)
Something's wrong with my computer.
I can't hear anything on youtube.
I think i did the most retard thing yesterday.
Played goong songs in iTunes & watch goong...
That's just to create the mood of the show..
And when that particular part is sad...
I play a sad song from goong, lols.
please TAG my blog... XD
Spamming or whatever...
My cbox is almost walking into it's own coffin, lols...

:) it's 30th october and it's your birthday.
Although we're not in good terms now, i still wanna wish you happy birthday.
This friendship had many ups and downs, but we still do have the happy days in the past...
We're not good friends anymore, i hope we still can be friends :)
Say hello or what when we pass by each other, anws happy birthday!

(I smsed happy birthday to you, and you replied "who are you?" )