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Thursday, October 19 |9:47 PM

In some part of the world...
Yesterday is today.
Tomorrow can be today.
So who says I'm late for your birthday?

HAPPY BESTIES DAY TOO. [Where's esther? :X]
Haiyo, i can't post the others again.
imageshack & photobucket giving me probs..

Wheeeee, happy birthday to me!
And also happy birthday to QIANCI!
I'm fourteen already... :D
Thanks to Denise, Pauline (my ex-tutor) Vivien, Sherminh, Sabrina, Maureen, Richa, Anna Also to those in the forum... amanda, tingg, sweehan, aurora56 and caho, yingying.
And and.... whoever who wishes me happy birthday.


Not gonna say much about school.
They sang Happy Birthday song to me, that's all.
At least they remembered. :D
Something happened, and vivien got angry.
And she suddenly talked to me, still don't know where's they problem.
Went out with mummy to suntec.
Lunched at Fish & Co.
We ordered Platter for one, Salad pasta, soup of thee day & Passion Fruit.
I loved the Salad Pasta. :D
It had this plain yet not that plain taste.
I love the dressing on it, haha.
Platter for one should be renamed, Platter for two.
It's that big that I'm still full now.
Haha, i only liked the Tartar sauce.
Pauline, mah ex tutor, texted me Happy Birthday today.
I'm sooo touched, she still remembers my birthday.
She asked me to check my mail. :)
Hahah, awwww. She's sooo sweet, BEST TUTOR !
Seriously, she's the best!
She've graduated from university in July.
She's working already, ohmgz.
Time passes by really fast.
She was still a poly student when she started teaching me...

We shopped and i bought two shorts / pants.
Tried many many tops, but didn't had the one I liked.
So we went to play the Arcade.
That Mario game, whatever it's called.
I even have the card! Wohooo.

I know it's not a GREAT birthday.
But i'm already contented with it le.
So what if you had many many presents?
Just a word of 'Happy Birthday' will do. :D

Anyhoooo, my dadthe idiotic person sent a letter to the school.
Wrote a longgg letter, and then packed it with money.
I almost cried upon reading the letter, but after remembering about the things he had done...
I told myself i need to be stronger! [though i dropped a tear.]
How can I be contented with just money & a letter?
He didn't love me at all, he didn't treat me as his own daughter.

I can't imagine that I can be standing in the same compound as him!
Just by the thought that he passed the letter to the school's General Office,
it freaks me out.
He's a coward larh, he just wants to dig info about my mum from me.
No way man. I'm not someone whom you can convince with money.
Besides, you're a rich old man.
You can find any other cheeena women with your filty money.
I do know you have another child outisde, you treat her better compared to me.
Say what, I'm your ONLY REAL DAUGHTER. like real!

Say what I'm childish, but i bought a POWERPUFF GIRL CAKE .
Ain't that cool? It's small.
I bought it because i want to blow the candle,
this sounds more like a birthday. :D
Post the pics up when i have battery, lols.