Shiqi :D
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Tape Roll
Roll the tape

Pause it if you don't like it, lol.

“ Happy Hari Raya ”
Tuesday, October 24 |5:53 PM

Happy Hari Raya.

As usual, i woke up at 12noon.
Still busy with all my graphic blog, haha.
I'm resizing all my pictures, that's sooo tough..
Yeppers, Some spastic pictures. XD

I hate the haze, don't you?

Same place. No photoshop skills in.
Nice photography skills uh?

Unglam seriously. =D Note the hair :D

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Quite long ago lah.
But that's the damage of the fire in my house..

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How can you actually suspect that I'm a les?!
I suspect you're a gay... :D

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