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Friday, October 27 |4:22 PM

I miss the clear blue sky, 
as much as I miss 6 patience `04.. 
And I'll surely miss 2C1 `06....  

I miss you. XD 

I'm gonna miss my class...
It was the last day with 2C1 yesterday.
And It's the last day in PL KADESH.
It's old and dirty, but i know i'll miss PL KADESH.
I'll miss my class mates too.
I'm leaving my class just when i started liking it...
I don't know how my class will turn out next year,
but I'm sure that life would be better in 3-5 :)
Because Denise is in there too...
I know i'll have a friend to talk or share my problem now. XD
Because I don't have a one in 2C1...
Hehe, I know you'll get jealous when i say this....
Jealous? Yeah, i meant everyone.. The whole PLMGSS. 
Mrs Lee and Ms Yoong treated the whole school...
Mc Chicken & Apple Pie.
For the first time we ate so openly in class.
And also openly took pictures when teachers are around.
I've have loads and loads to say to all of you...
The 8 year 'curse' with Anna came to an end.
Ive been in the same class as her since Primary One till now.
That makes it 8 years...
It's weird now that she isn't in the same class as me even though we're not close.
She's a smarteypants, i'm not. =P
We're not meant to be in the same class anws.
We cleaned up the classroom..
Haha, our classroom is flity! =D
I can't imagine any classes dirtier than this,
but there are, cos we're not the dirtiest!
Sher,  Sab and I brought the fan and clock down.
Haha, our fan was the dustiest!
The fan's sooo heavy that i'm having aches now.
Oh and we took our weight at the weighing machine outside.
Lols, sher is 59 KG!
Ohmg, I'm defaming her. XD
Hehe, she looks skinner than me but she's not. =P
I'm lighter! Oh btw, she isn't tall too.
At least not taller than me.
Then we had the last assembly.
With Mr Go's powepoint slides.
And Mrs Lee's speech.
We sang some theme songs and blah blah.
The school sang sooo loud that I was on a urge of crying.
Eh heh, went to VIVO CITY after school.
It's huge, really huge.
It was packed with people,
that mean the government didn't built enough shopping centres,
causing this pheonomena. =P
Haha, I saw a nice Olive Green Bag.
Oh gosh, it's sooo nice, i wanna buy it!
But it's a sling bag. I don't want a sling bag...
Unless my mum buys two bags for me.
Haha! She almost bought that Nike Brown bag for me,
but i stopped her , cos it was a sling bag.
YES, I wanna say this for a longg time i forgot.
We've been wasting 7 hours of our precious time in school... stoning.
Because they didn't organise any post-exam activities,
they did but not all days.
I think schools should let us not go to school without an MC -> 
I don't know if it make sense.
But at least let us pon school after exams ->
I make sense! Hehe.
That's the end of school life in 2ohoh6.
There's tuition later and that freaking boy is tagging along.
Ewww no please.
I hate him to the core! He doesn't call his mum to come until 3 hrs later.
Which means i'll have to wait for his fregging mum cos I don't wish to leave Denise alone.  
Then... I'll get scolding from my mum for coming out late.
I hoope this doesn't happen later! I don't want him to come!