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“ Today's theee day! ”
Wednesday, October 25 |3:43 PM

It's theee BIG DAY today! :D

You might have guessed it already.
Yes, it's the BIG DAY!
We got back our report books.
That's NOT important, it's the combinations...
Guess what combi i was streamed into?

Pure Geography? NOOOOOO.
Pure History? NOOOOO!
Pure sciences? NOOOOOOO~
I was streamed into 4.2
If you don't know it's the -

Same class as Bestie! XD
That's the best of all.
Ewww, i'm in the same class as sherminh .
I got stuck with her for 4 years already.
Now 6 years? This is the worst thing.
She still owes me 30 bucks.
My class position is 10! I'm happy cos I improved. XD
We celebrated Deepavali few days ago.
Hari Raya yesterday.
And Christmas today.


Hahaha, my school celebrates Christmas.
So this is the be- early Christmas service.

St Luke's Elderly
Society for the aged sick
Gospel mission for the blind.

Yes, they all came to my school.
And as a interactor we had to interact with them.
I was assigned to the Society for the Aged Sick.
Hehehe, the Ah Mahs and Ah Gongs are sooo cute.
Mine's an Ah Mah. XD
She speaks English, hehe.
So cute okay. :D And if you hold their hands, you find it very flabby.
As flabby as a Jelly.
That wasn't a bad comment anyway. :D
They're just sooo adorable.
Pokay... Then we had refreshment, we had free food.
I know i'm cheapcake. [Is that the word?]
Lols, then i lead a Ah Mah to her van...
Hahah, she's soo adorable.
She wanted to go by the front door,
but the PIC said she can't, cos there's no space there.
So she had to take this thingy up the van.
Also, I took a blind girl to the toilet and a car.
They're sooo nice and friendly and well- mannered.
Did i mention that i've resized all the pictures?
And i'm going to upload it now! Wheeeee.