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“ Wheesshhh. ”
Wednesday, October 18 |10:54 PM

Am i still suffering over exam post-exam stress?

yeppers, it's one hour and 10 more mins to my birthday. 
I think i want to countdown for my birthday.
That's the consequences of sleeping in the afternoon.

I'll kill you if you don't think so :D
He's a eye candayye. 

I think i'm still suffering from post exam stress or something.
I have pimples popping out from my face & NOSE & at my head.
Pimples in the nose is gross, seriously.
Try having one in your nose, ewww. XD
I do think I can sing "zhu wo sheng ri kuai le" by wen lan.
That sounds like a sad birthday.
Hmmmm, Maydays 'Happy Berstday'.
Hahaha, i'm soo evil.
The evil arises... -.-
Post exams activities are fun, so far.
It'll be boring tmr onwards.

I have tonnnes of images to upload.
Those that i went out with Denise, lols.
I love going out with her, it would be better with esther around.
Eating Maggie Mee later, hahaha.
I should try to slim down, really. =D

Considering to change my skin to Goong.
Lols, but i'm soooo lazy, see it's still Renfu's Happy Birthday skin.
Bleah, supposedly one week = two months plus minus.
Haven't done up graphic blog yet, i''m lazy.

Bye bye.
Hello! I'm still not tired leh.
Someone please make me sleep can anot?
I can't wake up if i don't sleep now LOR.
That's singlish, lol. XD