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Monday, November 27 |11:28 PM


I went for my first aerobics lesson today.
Ah, haven't exercised for years liao lah, haha.
Wanted to take up dancing but it's some weird dance.
Ballroom dancing, lion dance, and blah blah.
Haha, so went for aerobics.
I saw this girl that looks like zhong xin yi.
Is it zhong xin yi? That girl that acted in Bump Off Lover.
She acted as xiao ai i think.
Ohmg, she looked so like her.
The colour of her hair, face, expression.
Lols, and she was beside me. =D
I sound like some kinda weird person , nevermind.

Got kinda addicted to audition. =/
I like the beat up mode that's all, lols
Got some special training last night.
Lols, intensive training by this person .
Hahah, from lvl three jump to lvl four.
Play with him so stressed lah, haha.
I think i need to go Bei Jing 101.
Hahah, all my hair drop liao. =p