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Sunday, November 26 |1:06 AM


I killed my blog yesterday, lols.
Green is bad for eyes uh?
I lost all my celeb links already.
Have to find some time to get it back.

Oh anws. You know what?
I got choked on a UNAGI bone two days ago.
It's not funny. It's a tragedy okay.
I thought i was dying, just because of that small little tweeny boney.
Used to love Unagi, now i hate it.
It got stuck in the opening of my throat.
Too deep for my hand to go in, yet too shallow for me to swallow it.
A small part of the bone poked into my gum.
No matter how much I try to vomit it out or drink it in, it's still there.

I tried to vomit the bone out but black and white thing came out.
SUSHI. Ewwwwy ewwww.
Stuffed myself with bread, banana, overnight rice, but it's still like that.
The bone is so stubborn .
Drinking water isn't a way, it only made everything worst.
It's like a needle in the middle of your throat.
You know how painful is that?

Urgh, enough of the boney already.
You all might think i'm such a freaking useless person because i can't even stand this small bone.

Channing's so hot! But i can't stand his hip hop style.
I don't think it suits him, anws.
I love the movie.
Caught it last last week, haha.
Didn't bother to blog, that's why.

Finally i finished watching this taiwan series - Tokyo Juliet
Totally nice. I finished the whole box in 3 days.
Ooolalala, i love it although the mains aren't my idol.
I just love the storyline and everything.
More of my type. (:
I just realised that Liang's voice in the show isn't his voice.
Julian Yang dubbed Liang's voice .
Julian Yang - that guy in Bump Off Lover. The evil one. X)
Ohmg, i didn't realise it until i did some search.
I mean, they sound sooo alike.
Only found Liang's voice weird when he was laughing, haha.
He's chinese isn't that bad what, lols.
I don't know what got me so attracted to the show, at least it didn't had this whole rich guy falling for a poor girl kinda thing.
Which is sooo commonn in mingdao's drama. =p
Love the show to bits.
It got myself stuck to the black box the whole day.
After watching the whole show i feel like i wanna start designing clothes.
But i know i don't have the talent.

Wu zun looks so much better now. =D
Just in case you don't agree. I did my research.

Pong pong & QQ hair = old.

Oooh, this was his hairstyle in tokyo juliet, he might have the chance to be in my idol list, haha.

This person in Tokyo Juliet got the Best New Actor award in Jing Ma.
He played Ah Si in Tokyo Juliet & i think his name is Zhang Rui ____.
( someone tell me his name? )

His quite shuai too. (:
I got a shock seeing him act in a movie, lol.

There's this song in Tokyo Juliet.
It's called Ni Feng (Upwind) by Garden Sisters.
This song is nicee, you might not like it the first time you hear it.
But after watching the show you'll get addicted to the show i think, haha.

Watching Jian Dao Shi Tou Bu now.
I've been watching since 7pm.
Haha, i've got to catch up this series !
I'm sooo slow. Youtube loads sooo slow.
Finished 8, 9, 10, 11, already.
Currently catching episode 12.
This girl called _______, in this show is sooo freaking act cute.
I forgot her name, it's a rich girl that got 'dumped' by qixiang.

I've got to officially introduce myself again. (:
we're the singapore version of 7flowers.
YUN DUO HUA HUA = sharon
TANG GUO HUA HUA = geral jie
YANG GUANG HUA HUA = geraldine
Hahah ! Currently the leader is missing. = lols, where are you?

Pokay, it's a long post. (:

Next taiwan series : wei xiao pasta !