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“ D and the E and the L-I-C-I-O-U-S ”
Tuesday, November 14 |2:53 PM


I haven't been blogging yeah. (:
So i've got loads to blog, oh and pictures! (finally..)

Oh i'm such a weird person.
I get upset because I wear clothes that i don't like.
Learn a new word... V-A-I-N-I-T-Y . (:
Track back time baby

Last friday, if i didn't remember wrongly, i went canvasing with my mum.
Canvasing = putting flyers and see who wants my mum's service. (estate management)
Okay, that's what my mum said. I don't know if canvasing was spelt correctly. =X
It was raining damn heavily that day.
She drove the car around and i went out with a umbrealla to put the flyers.
It was a fun expreience i say.

And if anyone of you just so happen to say in any private estates and you receive a flyer

from NEW EDGE SERVICES... please kindly call us if you want to change your estate management service ( eh, how to phrase it uh.. ) I strongly urge you to call us up and change your estate management company. (: We'll give you a better service, really.

One more reminder, if you receive any canvasing letter from ALADDIN. DO NOT ever apply from their services. It sucks big time, thank you. Remember ALADDIN, that company's boss is no good thing. He's a bankrupt, you've been cheated if you got his service. I rather you get your service from RICHARD NEO than that ALADDIN company. (:
That's a small little advertisment for my mummy. [Like who will read my blog! lol]

I have no intention to defame that aladdin company but the boss called T__ B___ B__ or T__ H__ S__ ain't good things. T__ B___ B__'s a bankrupt, not supposed to be a boss. If you're condo so happened to be managed by Aladdin, too bad for you!


Last Sunday, i met twinnie a Kovan.
Trained to Seng Kang to register for the CIP thing at the library.
Saw W___ L____ Y____ name. >,<
After that we headed to Vivo. Watched Material Girls.
The storyline is uh, normal.
The song is the same as 7Flowers Bai Jing Nu Lang, i mean the tune.
And the lyrics. But it's in english luh.
There's no more tickets for Step Up, that's why.
Channing Tatum! Arghhh.
Before the movie we trained to PS to play the arcade. =/
Saw Jacob and two other people.
Well, twinnie.. I know you went there purposely to see him (:
And your dream came true.
After the show we headed to Hougang to have dinner with Jacob & gang.
Waited for someone's stead and then ate macs.
Ordered Mcspicy.

It was soooo spicy i almost cried, lols.

Wanyu's new scene is nice!
My craze for wanyu is up again! Wheeee ha!
Renfu's gonna be a daddy.
I wasn't on any side but i was shocked when i saw it at forum.
Best wishes then. (:


Going to Seng Kang to do CIP later.
I'm so kind, people. XD
Gonna miss Goong once again. Bye bye.

Two pictures up, imageshack with problems again. (:

Upload later.
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Most stylo hairstyle in town! H-O-T !
Hairstylist : Twinnie.