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Thursday, November 2 |3:38 PM

WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED ON THE Ist of november 2006.
Ah yes, the RENFU & XIEZHI WAR.
Yes yes, again. :D started by ying, haha.
All boards of the 5566jstarian are flooded, haha.
The RENFU warriors and the xiezhi errmmm fans?
And so far RENFU IS LEADING. XD lalalala.
No joke! It's serious. XD

Evidence one.

Evidence two.

Don't fight for the obvious. :)
Yeah, i talk no crap. It's with evidence okay. XD

CLICKIE THAT LINKIE! It's my graphic blog..
Not done with the links lah, cos need to host pictures.
And.. you know i can't. So yah.. Later then put up the links.

Oh babe, i dropped ALOT of hair yesterday...

my hair

and more hair.

and M-O-R-E hair.

It looked like i had more har after that hair loss. XD

Happy H-O-L-I-D-A-Y ! wheeeeee.

I killed a insect yesterday..

Dropped dead.

It's grave yard - under my computer table. God bless. :D
[pffsst, i sleep with it's dead body from today onwards. ]

I'm kinda bored.

sensitive = Quite
hurt = Pretty much
calm = Maybe.
quiet = To most of you. :)
active = Haha, no.
very shy = Should be.
confident in yourself = 1/100 confident.
brand-conscious = No
a good listener = Anytime anywhere
easily bored = Average
outgoing = No way.
open-minded = hmmm.
an only child = Yes
happy at the moment = No, bored
tired = No, i slept 12 hours
playing any online games = Currently nope.
tempted by chocolates = No sick of it

believe love at first sight = In my dreams~
have someone you really care for present = How would i know?
believe in love = Yup
ever cheated on a test = Kekeke
play the guitar = Most of you don't believe, but i do.
play the piano = Previously. I forgot everything.
play the drums = Arcade's drum .
like your life = When I'm in an optimistic mood
like school = When I'm in an optimistic mood
like dancing = No ideaa
like sweets = Yupz
like travelling = Definitely.
own an Xbox/ playstation = Playstation
like Spongebob squarepants = Spongebob squarepants! walalala
ride a bike = Used to ride it 4 times a wk.
Ever since it was believed that tsunami will happen in spore, i stopped. XD
read Harry Potter = Nope, i don't read books.
yell at your siblings = Yeah right, in my dreams
argue with your parents = When i have mood swings.
love McDonalds = Only the curry sause
play basketball = Hell no
play badminton = 5 years ago.
play tennis = Only the handphone one
play bowling = Definitely
swim = I can't swim, only the breaststroke
skate = I'm not sure if i remember how to balance
watch Disney channel = Used to
love movies = Yes
like Oreo = No
like chips = Some.
do the housework = NO WAY.
love your friends alot = Depends who

get more than 5 piercings = I wish i can. My ear's tooo small. REALLY.
curse a friend = Enemies.
hug a stranger = No
sneak out at night alone = I'm a good kid
further your studies overseas = Like i can qualify.
try summoning a ghost for fun = No, but cool
try alcohol = Red wine?
love someone whole heartedly = Since P5. XD RENFU !
smoke = Siao.

hug someone = Yes
look someone in the eye = Yes
done stupid things that finally made u real embarrased = Yes
said sorry to someone = Yes
thank someone = Yes


What's your favorite....

Song ? So many so nice
Musical Artist/Band ? 5566... alot lah.
Sport ? None, lol
Movie ? So many so nice
TV Show ? Goong lor.
Radio Station ? 987fm, yes933, dongli883
Type of Chocolate ? So many so nice
Eye Color ? Not black can liao

Do you/Have you ever....

Have any pets ? All died
Have any piercings ? Ya
Have any tattoos ? No
Gone skinny dipping ? No
Been to Europe ? No
Been to an island ? Am living on one
Had stitches ? No
Broken any bones ? No
Been stabbed/shot ? No
Slept until after 12:00 ? Definitely.
Stayed up all night ? Yeh
Turned down a dare ? Yeh

Which friend....

Is the funniest ? Denise? =X
Is the prettiest ? All of them are :)
Is the most handsome ? .....
Is the loudest ? Sabrina
Is the craziest ? Sabrina
Is the most shy ? Me lor, haha. Esther wong.
Is the most loving ? Denise / esther
Is the most understanding ? Denise
Is the most boring ? Erh, myself.
Is the richest ? Their parents rich what not they rich
Is the most athletic ? Denise
Is the most cocky ? Sabrina
Is the most wordly/cultured ? ?!
Do you look up to the most ? Sarah
Do you tell everything to ? Denise esther
Has the best clothes ? No idea
Has the best house ? Denise lor. So big.

Would you ever....

Eat pizza with chocolate chips ? Quite a good idea
Kiss someone of the same sex ? ....
Cheat on someone you love ? Definitely not
Run away from home ? Maybe one day
Lie to your parents ? Who won't
Lie to your best friend ? No
Give a homeless person money ? Yes
Run from the police ? Siao lose fats ah
Bungee jump ? Maybe
Sky dive ? Maybe
Be an exotic dancer ? NO
Walk out of a restaurant without paying ? No
Scuba dive ? Yes
Go rock climbing ? No

What do you think of when you hear....

Eminem ? M&M
Bologna ? Cologne
Hott ? Joo Ji Hoon, Mike He. (True)
Orange ? Anna
Real world ? MONEY
Jack ? The hairstylist who helped me layer my hair ytd. / Jill. [Jack& Jill]
Cucumber ? Chicken rice
Hip-Hop ? Dance
Uniform ? School