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“ i love green <3 ”
Monday, November 27 |12:29 AM

Green Power !

Yoyo, i think i'm green crazy nowadays.
Destop wallpaper is green, taskbar and everything is green.
Everything on my computer is green !
Green = envy
I see green everyday = I'm envy everyday.
( oh crap, i'm talking crap )

Working with forum's new banner is also green !
Hahah. Oooh, i love green now. =D

Anws, audition is finally working !
Lol, and i had 30 plus perfects just now.
I think it's a miracle or something.
Pure pure miracle ! (:
Only lvl 3 now.

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Changed my taggie's colour.
How do you all think about it? :D
Tag people tag ! It's so dead.
( i might think of killing my blog again, lolx )

Caught two episodes of wei xiao pasta just now !
lalalalala ~