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Saturday, November 18 |4:50 PM

I'm going to Genting. 

Not confirmed. But i think i'm going. 
Excited and yet not so excited.
Genting, hmmmm. Went there so many time liao.
But think again, i've not been on a holiday for 4 years.

I found Perhaps Love Chinese Version.

Sung by original artiste - Howl & J (:
It's nice luh, and hillarious. haha.
I've got a new MP4 !
(: Not a famous brand luh.
It's nice cos it's spoilt. Haha, LeMon decided to give me a new one.
Seriously, i don't like my MP4. I prefer my MP3 though.
It's more user friendly, it's spoilt... Guarantee over so i got a new one.

I can't wait for Renfu's baby to be out.
I wanna know her name. (:
Hope it's Shiqi. Haha, fat hope i know.