Shiqi :D
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Tape Roll
Roll the tape

Pause it if you don't like it, lol.

“ Liang Shan Bo & Juliet. <3 ”
Tuesday, November 7 |6:59 PM

Haha, i like this song! Pwwns...
Gonna update later. :D
Opps, it's too big, so ye, that's the URL. (:
How do i ever resize this thingy? =X
Okay, nevermind. :D

Stayed over at bestie's on monday.
Well, i waited for her for hour at Hougang Sport Hall.
Ask me come so early... haha.
Lunched at Long John's Silver with her badminton team.
Felt so extra okay, kept my mouth zipped.
Then took her mum's car back to her house.
Bathed, ate, autition-ed, painted nails for 5 hours, tied hair, cam whored.
Yeah, basically that's it. (:
Pictures are still with her, like duh.
I can't receive it through msn.
So... post up some other day lor.
By the way, I missed Goong.
Arghhh, i didn't watch goong!

I know why youtube doesn't have any sound le .
Because I delted Media Player, and so there's no sound. =.=
I can't install Media Player into my account!
It's is so sickening...
I can't blog or anything when i can hear sound in Youtube.
However, i can blog and do whatever in my acc, when there's no sound in Youtube.
Blahhhhhh, i can't install Audition too.
Oh one more thing.
I'm not going to touch photoshop until my graphic blog is done.

I promise.