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Friday, November 3 |2:41 PM

Please think before you spend, thankyou.

Oh please. Please think befor you spend mother.
I know you're just so attracted by two words..
You bought the world cup LIMITED EDITION watch cos it was world cup fever,
but you don't watch world cup.
And just yesterday you bought baby G's LIMITED EDITION watch.
Why? "Because each store only has a pair of these! It's limited edition! !"

me: You very waste money leh.
mum: limited edition you know!
me: yeah right, you bought the world cup's watch because of what? LIMITED EDITION.
mum: but it's nice!
me: the world cup's watch is nice too.
mum: that one is too big for my hand...
me: please lah, then you buy those ah mah watch before. small small one.
mum: too small how to see?
me: but it's a waste of money. You got soooo many watch already, still buy.
mum: HE wants to buy for me... what to do.
me: you can reject, it's a waste of money.

Mum, have you ever thought how tempted i was to buy bags, clothes, cds when i've never bought one for soooooo long?! [except the most recent goong. the previous one was rainie's!]

You have sooo many outstanding bills and now you tell me a watch is okay.
What about the PUB bills? Telephone bills? Your lawyer fee?
You said he wanted to buy for you.
Do you ever consider the fact that your baby G watch isn't a nescessity?!
There's watch on you're hp if you don't know.
And the worst is that, once he gets his pay he gives you every single cent.
Don't you know how to save money????!
You said yourself that once he gives u the money you'll pay all the bills.
Yeah right, those clothings and watches bills.
Hello! We're financially tight and you have the mood to buy a baby g watch.
Which cost 100 bucks?!
Where's your common sense?
You can buy your watch and i can't buy my clothes.
Where's the logic?!

Emo, emo, emo emo!
Oh shit, i'm emo now.
I quarelled with my mum over a baby g watch.
She even asked me if i wanted one watch myself, i rejected.
See? i rejected it even if he wanted to buy that for me.

Okays, kone's song is nice.
I only heard two lah.
Haha, yufeng send me de. thankyou!
I like it! It's nice, hehe.
that two songs only, i don't know the rest...