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Tape Roll
Roll the tape

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Tuesday, December 5 |11:24 PM

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Made this for the board?
Hmmmm, nice anot huh? =/
Bur print out sure small de lah.
Gonna go make more.

I'm actually feeling stress now.
It's holidays leh !
Ohmgz, i'm feeling so tensed up now.

Cos I'm supposed to do a board for RENFU & I have so little days.
Zomgz, I feel so damn stressful !
Photoshop Photoshop Photoshop.
No ideas luh.
Printer only print A4 size, then my board bigger than A3 !
And what am i supposed to write on the board?

That's abit crazy, but yes.
I wanna do sooo many things.
AHHHHH, what if no time? =/
So little time (I'm like promoting duh Mary Kate & Ashley Book)

Hmmmm, sort of settled things up.
Told my mum that i'm gonna go out with sher this sunday.
And if i do get the tickets i'll go to Star Awards with ____ .
Even if i don't get the tickets i'll say ____ got the tickets so i'm going.
( That's all the exuse for me bringing a board in and out of my house )
Lame? Yes. (:
The thing now is the design of the board. =/
It's orange, no green. XD

Whatever, i'm gonna think !
I've got some glossy paper, so yes. I think i'm using that. XD

Walked all the way to my school just now.
Haha, just wanted to see how's it going on.
It's hmmm, B-I-G.
I took a picture down, but apparently only can see the lights. =/
(cos night time what.)
I think they didn't tear down a building, it's looks the same.
Only the windows looked new, and they splashed new paint on it.