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Saturday, December 30 |11:37 PM


Been really hot tempered recently.
Quarelled with my mum twice this week already.
Well, i don't know what's got into me these days.
I hope i get back to me, myself, the normal me.

I know my blog has been dead for weeks.
So i'm gonna type my last post of the year 2006 !
Wanna thank those people who wished me MERRY CHRISTMAS 5 days ago.
Kaylee, geraldineWANG, geral jie, ivian, amanda and anna.


24 more hours to 2007 ( The time now is 12:00 )
Seriously speaking i'm not excited at all.
Excluding the fact i'm in the same class as denise.
I've got no idea what my class will be like next year.
But i know that it'll be alittle better than the past two years.
Hopefully i'm right.
It has been a rather urhm... fruitful year.
( Since i've been working sooo hard for EOYs the whole year. )
Many many many things happened this year, i'm not sure if it's good anot.
But the year passed really quickly.
I still do remember the first school day of 2006.
When i was still really good with Liying,
well, it's not so now.
This year had been rather confusing,
I don't know who i hate nor who i like ( as in friendship)
Can't differenciate what is real and what's not.
Who's my real friend and who's not.

Haha, but still i've survived through my worst year in history.
I guess i'll have many of the same years ahead of me.
Talking about friendship...
This year had been really really bad.
I've lost friends and lost the ability to differenciate who's my real friend.
Seriously speaking, I think those friends around me (in my class) ain't real.
Real as in their feelings. :
The friendship wasn't built on trust.
( That's what i think )
They borrowed money without return, they asked me to do things for them as if it was supposed to be like that, they told things behind my back (only one of them), they didn't care if you had to scarifise for them so that they can be at the top...
But still, there were happy times.
Those times that we screamed and laughed together.
That was the ONLY time, yes.

Life is always like that isn't it?
Everyone is a selfish soul.
Who cares about you when you're out in the society working?
Some teacher said "The only true friendship you can find is when you're in secondary school. So treasure them. "
Is it so? Then why didn't i feel it at all?

Two Saturday's ago, it was P6 patience class outing .
Unfortunately i wasn't in Singapore.
I really missed all of you 10GBFs. (:
Although the most of us as still in the same school,
but why do we just walk away when we see each other?
Not even a friendly HI .
I hope all of you still remember the days we had together. (:
I was soooo envious when most of them can go for class outing.
This is the ONLY class outing i truly wanted to go.
Seen loads of pictures and stuffs from people's blog.
Haha, you all still didn't change much (:

Who knows? I might miss my present class two years later.
But I doubt so.
So here's my class 2ohoh7. (:

amanda chong- aka CHONG the octopus and jellyfish creator.
joey-my niceee partner that grew soooo tall after the hols. She's a maple-er.
ann- english partner of the year who likes falling asleep and sms-ing in class (SHHH)
jamie-the comics person lor.
amanda chen-the prefect who isn't a prefect under my eyes. (: She copies in test. She doesn't do her hwk, i was the one helping here okay. She allowed ME to use hp in class ! Head prefects ! Sack her sack her, haha.
sipei-missy pinky who likes to draw draw.
pearlyn-THE MATHS FREAK aka PEA.
anna-The formal oh formal girl who's the same class as me for EIGHT HARD YEARS !
chloe-the nice-notorious girl who has loads of relations outside school.
sharlene-nice girl from GB. Same PW group.
elizabeth-not so loud monitress.
grace-medical oil provider, missy clever who doesn't want clever friends.
hannah-DINGDONGS. Rich girl.
harlene ho- aka HARHONESS (her highness) or HARHO. [pffst, reminds me of caho, lols]
jessica-Tall tall girl from indonesia. She just joined our class this year.
claris- THE BIG HUH . She's hillarious because she's uber slow.
christine-Anime fan. My scary assembly partner.
jinhwee-aka JINGER who hides her mirror in her pencil case.
shi min-She can sing R&B.
wenxin-Same tuition class for the starting of the year.
maureen-aka MOMO. Ex 5566 fan.
sherminh-LALALALA. Bragger.
sakinah-she's naughty. :P
wanleng-the money chaser.
richa-the loud monitress. talent mouth. who sat beside me last year.
sabrina-Chinese speaking indian girl who is born in scottland.
meiee-jap freak.
christina-Self proclaimed as FIFTH "chioest" girl in our class aka chrispy TUNA
ilysa-my ex partner who reads book under her desk.
fiona-famous for her "AH CHOO!"
shiqi-Oh and Hey ! That's me. lol.
sarah-fastest runner in class.
paddy-same chinese name as me. spastic smile.THE PAD((:
weikee-prefect who response to AH BENG. haha.
pamela aka pamelo.
tessa-Eurasian girl who joined us this year.
valery-science science.
vivien-potato head.
esther-Super duper quiet until you don't know she's beside you or she ever existed.
liying- a girl mentioned on the top. so i won't bother mentioning more.
wenyi-twins, AHEM better clear your throat.

So that's my class. (:

That's the school part of me. Now's the IDOL PART. (:
Hmmmm, obviously certain idols has been added to my list.
Still, RENFU is the first. XD
I've been loyal for sooo many years already, i can't just give up like that.
It's been a toned down year for 5566, but hey 2007 is just 23 more hours .
They will be back in action soon !
This year had been called the idol drama year for me.
Since my idol has toned down i 'chase' more on drama.
Not alot actually , i only watch those i think are nice.
I think a good script can actually influence people, like me, to like a certain celeb.
For instance, RENFU (not totally, but drama has a part) , SHAOWEI, YUAN CHANG, ARIEL LIN, KIM JEONG HOON, QIAOQIAO, ZHANG DONG LIANG.
(i can't remember already)
Sadly, not the case for mingdao. XD

Because of these idols, i've been 'brought' to a forum...
And well, knowing people from there.
It's a nice experience though I am still kinda ANTI SOCIAL.
I need to break that ice cold war there.
I'm totally a different person from what you see from the words in the computer screen. xp
I wished i were the same person though.

I wished my last day of 2006 won't be the same as the past two years.
A teary and sad one.
So i can be happy for the year 2007. (:

-HEY ! this isn't the end of my post. I'm still continuing later. -