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Monday, December 18 |8:52 PM

I'm backkkkkk. (:

Okay, actually back in singapore on sunday, 4am.
Haha, not gonna blog much about that lah.
Wait till i upload the pictures then say, hehe.

*sobs* i can't go for forum gathering this time round.
All thanks to my CIP. )=
I wanna go ~

I'm sick of hoilday homeworks.
Sooooo many not done lah.
In fact, i've done nothing, haha.
Realised that i forgot everything.
I don't even know what is ATOMIC NUMBER.
See how serious, haha.
Gonna die for commonwealth essay.
And there's one qns which is similar to what yingying asked in the forum.
Something like that. Don't tell me all schools force the students to write commonwealth essay?
1200 words some more !

Tag Replies.
geraldineWANG : yeah ! GUO PIN CHAO super nice lah ! But renfu's the best. (:
And xiezhi did ___ us, hehe.

happiegal : Don't be angry. (: It's bad for health... haha.

sab : Ya lah, your american guys are hot. my renfu is hotter can. (: It's always good to chase your idol, haha.

ivian : Haha, RENFU RENFU RENFU ! (: sorry that time i dc. hehe.

vann : No problem. Haha, okok. Xiezhi sick so he wasn't in the mood to call renfu lah. (: PEACE AND LOVEEE.

AMANDA : yeah ! Jealous so he didn't want to call renfu at all, lols. Then he imagine all the fans inside is his. =p (joking)

mrsrenfu : hahaha, later got war again. =/ HELLO CRYSTAL. Of cos renfu's the best. (:

ying2009: huh? cool what? haha. *confused*