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Saturday, December 23 |6:15 PM

Today was eventful.

  • My mum got her new line. (I can finally get back my handphone)
  • We waited for one hour for the stupid singtel and we were the last few.
  • Literally toured round Singapore.
  • Watched Death Note 2.
  • Reached home in the MORNING.
  • And then I AM BLOGGING.
  • My mum finally got her new line.
    And she got her new phone. (one i wasn't satisfied with, haha)
    Image Hosted by

    Image Hosted by

    She took a super duper huge and bulky OLD phone - N80.
    Because what? It was having a promotion offer and it has WIFI.
    She was lucky because one customer decided to cancel the reservation.
    If not she would have to pay 500bucks more.
    I rather her talking the Sony Ericsson one, even though it is red and doesn't have WIFI.

    Anws, i can finally have back my phone ! (:
    Took dinner at Lavender _____ .
    Checked AXS machine for tickets.
    Time didn't really matched our time so we went around so that we can WALK-IN and buy the tics.
    Went to Cathay, Suntec then Vivo.
    All tickets sold out so we decided to watch the Death Note at 1.40am.
    Reached home the time that market people (people who work there) goes to work.
    Lols, i reached home at 5am or slightly earlier.
    Watched deathnotetwo.
    It was niceee, but long.
    This girl called amane/misa (i got confused because there were too many names, haha. I was refering to the one who is a celeb)
    She's sooo cute. XP

    Loads of work not done lah.
    Wasted my day off, haha.

    I'm still supposed to be hibernating! haha.
    Early Merry X'mas to all.