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Monday, December 4 |3:54 PM

Yo people.
I'm kinda high now.
Haha, i bought a bag & a jacket on friday.
Green & white bag plus a brown & white jacket.
I think the bag abit old fashioned, who cares.
Feeling alittle guilty, for buying that two things.
And for lying to my mum that i'm going out with sherminh next sunday.
Just in case i get the tickets for Star Awards I'm gonna say i'm going with my friend.
Haha, i'm such a baddie.
Hopefully i get the ticket !
If not i'll just die lah.
lols, and most of the fans are from fufeng.
Lucky i got a yellow shirt, if not i'll need to buy one.
But this shirt is alittle big.

These few days busy doing skin.
Haha, i realised that the bg doesn't suit the skin luh.
Urghhhhh, i have to think.
I need some creative mind !

Finally passed my lvl 5 license.
Haha, lvl 6 now.
It's sooo tough, all the people so damn pro there.

I loveeeee Hana Kimi !
Ohmg, so niceee.
I've not started watching Jian Dao Shi Tou Bu !
Stopped at episode 1_ ( i even forgot )
Well, i actually decided to watch last saturday.
Guess what, i watched those episodes that i've already watched,
yet i didn't know. ( only until some parts )
Lols, plus i rewatched three to four episodes then i know i watch before.
Wasted my time lol.
So i ended up not catching up with the series, lols.