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Sunday, January 21 |2:07 PM


Ferngy because there's a teacher in my school called Ms Ferng.
Go Youtube, IMEEM, whatever and search the song Fergielicious and sing with this lyrics.

Ferngylicious definition makes the chee ko pek go crazy
they always want to see me so they hire PI come stalk me
they can see me they can't touch me
I'm ain't difficult I ain't slimmy
they've got a reason why they stalk me,
chee ko pek just come and go like reasons!

-Taken from Charlottle's blog.

Free Image Hosting at

No brushes or whatsover from other websites are used here, except textures.
Haha, the rest are presets from photoshop itself, hahas.

Oooh, Cooolio.

Wooooots, i'm over the mooon~
After a long long long long (x10000) wait, i'm finally able to use my black comp.
It's already reformated. (:
And what? My account is limited account. );
Tsktsk, i guess he's afraid i'll corrupt the comp again, haha.
Try making my own one later.

Haha, he upgraded my photoshop!
Yesyesyes !
It's now Photoshop CS.
Coool yeh, but i've lost all my brushes.
Because i forgot to tell him to save it.
The good thing is that... I can finally download those brushes that i wasn't able to dl in the past.
(Because it's not compaitible, haha.)
I don't know where's all my graphics and songs.
Hope it's not lost or some sort.
All my hard work okay.
Lost my Opera Brower (which works quite well for me.)
Now i only have Internet Explorer, which is sooo slow for me.
Audition is gone too. );

O.O I've figured out a sound recorder, that can record songs from the comp.
So i can just steal songs. :p
Shhhhhh, it's illegal i think?

I think i'm a uber uber bad fan, i rarely watch wanyu nor catches up with the news.
I don't buy j-star magazine either.
Haha, but i still like renfu. (:

I'm uber pissed with Eileen & Maha.
Tsktsk, just because Maha was absent from school, i'm supposed to be the leader?
Argh, Eileen! You know i can't cope, then you should come and help me lah.
Jinger's in my group, you know she won't help.
(okay, you don't. )
But she's new, and i'm like the so called oldest in the grp.
No one in my group wants to stay back.
How am i supposed to finish that freaking Recycling box ah?
You know you're sorry so you should come help me.
Not over this anymore, haha.

I loveeee loveeeee my one gb memory card !
Yayeee, i've got 20 over songs now, gonna add more .

Went to Far East yesterday to shop for my CNY clothes.
Ended up with something black and white, so (haha) i'm gonna have another new piece of clothes!
Haha, there will be another one for CNY. :p
Bestie rebonded her hair and Far East too !
Haha, but i didn't see her.

Haiyo, their birthdays coming le, don't know what to buy leh.