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Sunday, January 7 |6:21 PM

I'm not in the mood.

Oh well, i haven't been feeling happy ever since school started.
It's only the third day and i'm feeling stressful already.
How am i supposed to survive the next 358 days?

2007 isn't my year.

I haven't listed my New Year Resolutions right?
Here it goes:
1) Scoring better acadamicly. Obviously.
2) Enjoy reading books and BE A BOOKWORM !
3) Be happy/happier .
4) Revise my hwk everyday, or at least 5 times a week.
5) Pay attention in class.
6) Pass my stupid napfa test.
7) Slim down, like duh~ I'm so fat.
8) Make more reliable friends, whether in school or not.
9) Not that anti-social.
10) I wish all of the above come true.

I wanna study more, since sec 3 isn't a honeymoon year.
Guess i'll be blogging once a week from now onwards. (i hope so)
It's sooo weird i'm actually thinking this way.
I have to LOVEEEE my school and have a positive attitude.
I am sooo positive, ohmgawd.
My new maid came on 4th of January.
Pokays, her english is really bad.
I'm not communicating with her, haha.
I don't know how to !
Nevermind her...
Ooooh, did i mention i'm in 3B2?
It's no longer that ugly name 3-5, it's called 3B2 now.
So not used in the B class lah.
I feel that i'm cleverer, but i'm not.
My classmates are , ahem, OKAY.
Seriously, we haven't talked to each other because of homeroom and banding.
What's the point of a class ?
We don't even bond with each other....
I know i know ~ It's for us to adapt to the whole Junior College & University system.

Thursday, 3B2 went touring the whole school, for what?
We can't find the english classroom.
The teachers keep pushing us around lah.
Mrs Koh said she isn't our teacher (you know, the banding system thing)
asked us to look for OEC.
And, there's already a class in OEC class.
( They haven't banded us, for god sake)
We were then pushed here and there, ended up in Koh Ee Lin's class.
Asked us to clean HER classroom for her, wth?
Not gonna elaborate much here, i'm far tooo lazy.

Yesterday was CCA fair.
There goes my saturdays and sundays.
I need at least 12 hours of sleep !
Shirlene, Sherminh and me went touring the school.
At first SM didn't want lah.
And we had to wait for her to sms. =.=
Pokay, i loveee the school roof top for some reasons.
It's isolated, haha.
I know no one wanna join Interact Club .

CCAs are now on Thurs.
And what? My tuition is on Thurs too !
CCA ends at 6 and tuition starts at 7!
What the hell ~

There's a lit quiz next week.
And what? I haven't read the book!
I think no one has read it. =.=
So last minute okay.
How am i supposed to finish it?

I only love my school's roof top. (: