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Tuesday, January 23 |5:04 PM

I've got tonnes of work to do, but i'm still bored.

This is sooo typical.
Pushing and delaying things whenever i can.
Lols, I do that most of the time.

I'm soooo bored till i actually listen to Comics Boyz CD i bought like years back.
Yes, I'm THAT Bored.
He didn't restore back my music files!
Tsktsk, and i only have old cds with me now, like uh.
I've been listening the songs in my HP for the past few days.
There's only 28 songs in my HP, and imagine YOUSELF listening the same old songs everyday?
I'm soooo bored now.
I need music, youtube, imeem can't load because I don't have Flash Player.
And for some reasons, i can't download Flash Player, the window doesn't pop out!

Fahrenheit here, Fahrenheit there.
Fahrenheit Fahrenheit everywhere!

Ohmgz, there's this Flh craze in my school, forum and all the fellow female out there.
Am i right?
Vivien, Sher, Delicia, Angel, Maureen, Carmen, Steph, Nikki, Wan Leng are all in the Flh craze.
Tsk, vivien lah!
Influence me!!! );
Ahhh, she's making me crazy over Flh & eager to see them this week.
But the thing is.. I can't.
I've got CIP, Guitar and whatever stuffs on sunday.
Hopefully... my mum suddenly wants to go S.H.E concert or some sort.
(they're gonna have a concert right? lols, haha)
Now all/almost all 5566 fans transformed into Flh's fan.
I'm now totally influenced by the peers around me.
And also Friday Weekly. ( They were printed on the papers. =.= )

Wahseh, even the girl whom left her foolscap under the table is a Flh fan!
How coincidentally can that be?
Just a random someone who left her things under the table is a Flh fan.
Cos she drew the Fahrenheit logo (something like that).

Vivien Ho... ); Don't influence me further leh.