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Tuesday, January 2 |5:57 PM

Oh hey. 
I did state that i wanted to continue the previous post right? 
I didn't. All thanks to the internet connection. 

HAPPY late 2ohoh7 to all.
(i can't bold it. Or it will look screwed in IE. Hope people sees this. haha)

I know it's late, i can't help it right?
Haha, sorry for not tagging everyone's blog. I can't view most of the blogs. XP

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My school is crazy lah.
Force everyone to write commonwealth essay.
1200-1500 words?!

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Random. Haha.
Mosiaced the words in case people plagarise. XP
Haha !
I am soooo freaking happy now. 
I finally finished my 1,200 essay ! 
Like wow. 
I kept adding words like "too", "and", some extra words to make it 1,200!
I am sooo proud of myself now.

I am addicted to Audition !
Haha, once again i'm addicted to online games.

I bought a converse bag for my school bag.
Urgh, i'm not sure if it suits me or what.
Heck care already.
It's green and white, AGAIN. (: