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“ COMMON TEST! AHhhhhh. ”
Wednesday, February 21 |5:36 PM


Friday, 23rd Feb 2007

I thought the maths paper would be 123456789 times better than Social Studies & Literature.
It seems that I'm wrong.
E Maths was OHKAY, I say.
It's generally fine.
BUT! It's the stupid, blardyye A Maths.
It's gonna pull everything down I tell you.
Ohkay, but I should blame the subject actually, I didn't quite study.
Tsk, but it's toooo difficult!
We took 2 days to finish Logarithmes (how to spell?) then we have to sit and take our paper.
I totally gave up.
After I finished the paper (with quite alot of blanks) I just sat there and stare at the clock,
regardless of the hardworking souls around me trying to get the answer.
I turned to my left, right and WOW! Everyone's sooo hardworking.
Don't know scribbling what lah, I'm like lost.
I just stared at the clock, "scenery", thinking that "OHMG, I'M GNA FAIL BUT I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING! WOW!"
Don't bother checking or what, was just waiting for the time to pass.

Gonna fail badly, oh nooo~
Mr Cheung gonna scold again! );
I hope, at least, I'll get same marks as ______.
If not he'll start comparing.

Next paper is Chemistry and Physics, that's like shit too.
Physics, *sighs* NO HOPE.
Just fail me.
Stupid Thomson, all thanks to you lah.

Hahahah, I've got the HANA KIMI PICTORIAL BOOK!
My mum bought me quite long ago, but i forgot to mention it.
Hahahah, I'm very into the show.
I won't miss a episode, ONLY AND ONLY IF I've got tuition.
Hahah, but I still do record.
In fact, I record almost everyday.
Cos I'm gonna "force" my mum to see it. (:
Kekeke, gonna play it when she eats, lols.
Cronological order of course, so she'll think that it's TV. =.=
Nevermind, but I'll just let her watch it. Hahah.

YAY, I love Quan, XiuYi, Nan Xue Zhang, Da Shu, RuiXi and who else uh?
The bombarded hair one, hahah. Funny guy.
Channel U cut until so obvious lah, please.
Got music still cut. Think we're idiots huh, hahah.
Okay, nevermind.

I've just learnt two new korean words! (:
Babo and Sibei.
Ohkay, not sure how you spell it.
Evon taught me that.
Babo's Sha Gua.
Sibei's ermm, vulgar word.
Then then, I learnt ONE NEW TAMIL WORD!
Hahah, it's KAKA!
KAKA means shit.

Actually I didn't know that till...
Vivien called me KUKU.
Then I called her KAKA.
Hahah, then... Chandramala Mogana Chan (what a long name. )
Told me, KAKA's shit in tamil.
Oooh, hahah.

I'm so multi racial. (:

EVON WONG! How can you dislike renfu cos he has lele!
Pffst you and your Dong Fang Shen Qi. );

Buh bye Social Studies~
Hello Elementary Mathematics and Addition Mathematics.
Feeling all stressed up, cos I've been doing badly for my E & A Maths when compared to _____.
Tsktsk, Mr Cheung keeps comparing us!
I must do better than her! Or at least get the same marks.

Gotta go study and tuition and test and come back study tmr again.
Me and my stressed up life.
Argh, I'm already happy with my marks, you're the one stressing me up!
Ohkay, not important lah.

I'm gonna start blogging like siao next tues.

Lols, trying to test the board over ----->
Hahah, for fun lah, hahah.

Funniest quote of the day!

"Ohmgosh, It's the first time I see him 3D! I always see him 2D!"
Quoted from the QUEEN OF POTATOES.... VIVIEN HO!
Happy? (:

HAHAHA, so funny.

Ohmgosh, know what? It's Social Studies and Pure Literature test tmr!
I can't actually believe that i'm like blogging without stress.
Hahaha, so now i know... always prepare earlier! (: