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Sunday, February 18 |11:57 PM


CNY's was disastrous.
I was sooo super duper anti social ohkay.
Felt terrible through the whole thing cos I just can't get words outta my mouth.
I seem to eat up all my words.
It's even harder to open my mouth to my cousins compared to Arielle!
Ohmg, weird comparison, I know.
There's like nooo topic for me to talk at all, urgh.
It just seems weird lah.

But nevermind that, it's theee end of cny for me already.
No more visitings, wheeehaa.

Oh, I think I'm addicted to Green Peas.
Not PEA:D pea, but pea.
Hahah, the authetic green pea not pearlyn.
I ate approx 5 packets of that today!
Ohkay, one packet is about 8cm to 5cm lah.
Not like potato chips packet, hahah.

My mum's out to malacca.
I'm home alone.
Photoshop sucks now, why?
Cos I can't... download any fonts nor brushes.
My works are sooo limited.
I don't feel like using Photoshop anymore, sobs.
HE disabled something.
Meaning, I can't touch (not literally) the C:// files.
Urgh, anything to 'paste' there should be forbidden.
Everything's soooo limited now.

I did a whole day of Arithmetics.
I feel kinda happy.
Hahah, I did revise my work since common tests are coming.

I'm tired and I wanna sleep. :D