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Saturday, February 10 |4:12 PM

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I lovee this comercial. :p
It weird for people to like comercials, but I love this one.
I like the effect where the whole room shook when they jumped.

I'm sick again, yes again.
I hate being sick, and i don't think i'm gna recover.
It's been 3 weeks!!
Cough, flu & sore throat.
It is really toturing...

Yes yes yes 99.999999% sure.
Pure literature sucks to the core with themes and whatever.
I think i did quite okay for Question One, BUT I'm sure i totally flunked Question Two.
I was repeating my points, other people wrote 2 full pages.
Mine's like @#$%^&* one & a quater?
(cos i scribbled at the back)
Shucks, gna fail terribly. I don't know what the heck i actually wrote.
The whole day started terribly.
Pulled a sulky face during Break and kinda 'scolded' people when they talked to me.
My apologies to those whom I've showed a black face.

HOHO. My tutor's sucha GEI KIANG person lah.

GFT- Girl from tuition.
GOTP: Girl over the phone.

*ring ring*
GFT: Hello
GFT: What? Don't need to shout lah.
GOTP: ___________ (I don't have real good ears, so i can't hear)
GFT: Oh, i know i know! He's in Singapore already... AHHHH.
GOTP: ____________
GFT: Yah, I know he's gna go to the results show tmr. He can dance and sing, ahhh.
Tuition Teacher: What? O level results? Coming out tmr.
GFT: Eh... *ponders* What has it got to do with me? (She's in JC)
Tuition teacher: You were talking about results.
GFT: ....
Tuition teacher: A levels will be out next ___ (i forgot)
GFT: Yah, i know. SO?

HAHA, she was talking about Luo Zhi Xiang!
My tuition teacher so gei kiang. =.=
Oooooh, and i successfully cheated 50 bucks from him!
Wahahahaha, i'm sooo proud of myself.
Hope he doesn't count.

I'm struggling with my CNY clothes.
Confirmed on wearing skirt, but there's like no nice tops.
Have been shopping almost everyday, walked the whole of far east but no avail.
Saw this niceee one, but it's kinda expensive.
Money's the problem! It's the root cause of my stressfulness.

I'm gna flunk my geog test on monday tooo.
Because... I left my textbook in school!
Oh man, I'm just gna die in sec three.

Who on earth said sec three's honeymoon year?

Good news too.
I am able to blog now. (:
Cos I've got my blog reviewed and yes! It's not a spam blog.
No more verifications!

Hmmmm, I caught a glimpse of The Hospital an hour ago and I thought it was sucha bore.
Firstly, I only watched for 10mins. Secondly, it was the Operation scene.
It didn't fulfil my wish of watching Jerry Yan.
Hahah, but I saw alittle of him and suddenly thought he was kinda handsome.
Then I tuned to channel 56, and WOW.
It was Zai Zai.
And it suddenly occured to me that I was a previous F4 fan.
Both of the shows has hospital scenes! Hahah, so random.

I need to study my geography from websites.

Somebody tell me blogging is therapeutic.
I can't stop blogging since saturdays sucha bore.
Totally siansational.
Watched the last (approx) 45mins of Meteor Garden (Jap Version)
EEEEeeeks, Dao Ming Si looked sooo ugly.
I can't help it but he srsly is, hahah.
Maybe he's just imitating how Jerry Yan looked like when he first appeared.
Despite the ugly character, I still did continue to watch.
Perhaps I just wanted to reminisce those F4 days or trying to catch the shadows of Meteor Garden, cos I really loved watching Meteor Garden.
It's my first Idol Drama and it got me stuck to the television for the whole day.
Causing my bad eyesight and made me a couch potato.
I don't quite remember the drama already, so it looked kinda fresh for me.

I think my mum is weird.
It's 11:40pm and she actually went to play golf.
And everything just ended, no holidays or whatsoever.

Shopped at Far East for CNY clothes yesterday.
Before that we went opposite to collect some picture.
And what and what?
We were at the escalator (gg down), then I saw this very pretty girl.
Didn't quite notice her face, but I looked at her and realised that she looked like Felicia from the side.
(Btw, she was gg up)
Saw the reactions of the people behind me and thought that there is a high possiblity that THAT IS FELICIA.
If it was her, it is the second time meeting her on the streets/ shopping centre.
It's quite funny because the first time I saw her was at PS's Escalator.
So QIAO, it's on the escalator again.
Sadly, i could have took photo with her if i didn't see her on the escalator, haha.

4 more days to Hana Kimi! *It's sunday now*

Y'll better watch or I'll smack your butt. (:
I'll come out with a quiz and see if you pass.
If you do then you do.
If you don't i'll smack you.

Hahah, i did a quiz on gedou before.
Keke, I'm lame. (: